How to Advertise on KhodeCo

Posting Free Adverts on is easy. Take the following steps: 

1.      Click on 'SELL HERE' at Top of the Home Page or APPLY TO SELL HERE’ at bottom of Home Page

2.      Complete all the information about you and the Shop (Name, email, and password,  Shop Name, and Address). Then, click on “Register your Shop”.

3.      Proceed to the next page and update additional Shop information. Click on ‘Save’ after each section you update then your Shop will be created. CHEERS

4.      Once your Shop is created, proceed to click ‘Manage profile’. This will lead you to go and verify your email (within your email inbox).

5.      Once the email is verified (through clicking ‘verify’ in your email inbox), it will lead you to a page to ‘verify your Shop’ too.

6.      Provide the additional Shop information required on the form and click ‘Apply’.

7.      We will verify your Application and Approve it shortly.

8.      You are now ready to Upload your Products by clicking on ‘Products’ in ‘My Panel’. Once there click ‘Add New’ and Fill in all the required fields about The Product you want to advertise. Click on 'Save' then your Product/advert will be published shortly.

9.      Moderation by the site Administrator will be done after you Publish your Product and you may be contacted to update it if necessary.

10.   Be ready to receive numerous incoming orders through your email from potential buyers. You are therefore advised to check your email at least twice each day.

11.   DO NOT FORGET to update your Banking details at ‘Manage Profile’ in 'My Panel’. This will enable KhodeCo to settle your payments on a weekly basis

12.   Contact us at for available onboarding services.

Good luck!